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We are a boutique law firm, taking instructions in litigation, commercial law, public law, religious disputes and international law. We provide strategic advice on complex, delicate and politicised matters. We act for a wide range of individuals, incorporated and unincorporated entities, religious bodies, foreign governments and international organisations.

If you are visiting our website because you are interested in becoming a client, we hope that you will contact us to start a discussion. We accept new instructions only when we are satisfied that we have both the expertise and the capacity to further your interests, and that you are willing and able to provide the instructions we will require. Our fees and other terms are tailored to individual circumstances and we offer a number of general retainer and fixed fee options, where appropriate.

You might notice that we do not use animation, inspirational stock images or professional photography on this website. Although we are committed to life-long professional education and the continuous refinement of our systems and processes, we do not nominate for industry awards, quality certifications, practise-area accreditations or similar. Neither do we advertise, use social media, solicit reviews or testimonials, or manage our website profile to achieve higher search engine rankings. We are privileged that our clients usually find us due to the results we are able to achieve and through word-of-mouth referral, not by searching for key-words or reviews on the internet.

There are many lawyers and many law firms. If we are different it is because we remain absolutely focused on our shared conception of how legal services ought to be provided; precise, bespoke and innovative. If you don't know the difference, let us show you.

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